Coding for Ares

These articles will teach you how to code for AresMUSH.

Beta Warning

Ares is still in beta, including the documentation. While it's stable overall, features are subject to change and some bugs are to be expected. Watch the Forum for updates.


Basic Coding Tutorials

There are several tutorials designed to introduce you to Ares coding step by step. It’s recommended that you do these in order, since they all build on each other.

Tutorial #1 - Quickstart

Learn the basic Ares functions and code concepts.

Tutorial #2 - Editing Ares Code

Learn what tools you use to edit the Ares code.

Tutorial #3 - Adding a Command (Character Goals)

Learn how to add a command (a simple ‘goals’ command to set character goals.)

Tutorial #4 - Creating a Plugin (Cortex Skills System)

Learn the anatomy of a more complex system (aka a plugin) from start to finish. The example uses the Cortex skills system.

Tutorial #5 - Modifying the Web Portal (Web Goals)

Learn how to add things - in this case, the character goals from Tutorial #3 - to the web portal.

Advanced Coding Topics

Once you’ve completed the initial tutorials, there are a wealth of other topics available for reference.


Language Resources




Plugins and Commands


Web Portal



Local Development