Game Api

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GameApi is the Web Portal service that talks to the game.

Game Requests

The Game API service supports two primary methods:

  • requestOne - Requests a single object or a complex composite object.
  • requestMany - Requests a simple list of objects.

For example:

gameApi: service(),    
model: function() {
    let aj = this.get('gameApi');
    return aj.requestOne('events');

Request Parameters

Both of the request methods take the request name (similar to a command name in the game code). Some requests take additional parameters. For example, the following request takes the event ID from the route parameters /event/<event id> and passes it on to the game:

return aj.requestOne('event', {event_id: params['event_id']});

Request RSVP

A few routes perform multiple game requests and bundle them together into a single model object. Their model looks like this:

    return RSVP.hash({
         types:  aj.request('censusTypes'),
         census: aj.requestOne('censusFull'),
       .then((model) => Ember.Object.create(model));

Here the code would wait until both requests completed, then make a single model with model.types and model.census.

Request Handling

See Web Request Handling for more information about how this request is handled in the game engine.