Web Portal Services

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Services provide centralized functionality - such as the ability to show notices on the screen or talk to the game server - to the entire Web Portal.

Game API

The Game Api service lets the Web Portal talk to the game engine. See Web Portal Game Api.

Flash Messages

Flash Messages appear at the top of the screen and provide transient notifications. They’re the Web Portal equivalent of the emit_success and emit_failure messages that accompany each command in the game engine code.

To create a flash message, call one of the message methods with the appropriate alert level (info, success, warning, danger):

this.get('flashMessages').danger('Something went wrong.');

Game Socket

The Game Socket service manages the connection to the engine API websocket port. This service receives notifications from the game engine, like when there’s new scene activity or a new event.


The Authenticator manages the character’s login information. You can determine if a character is logged in - and their name, roles, etc. - using the authenticator.

isApproved: function() {
    return this.get('session.data.authenticated.is_approved');