Using Formatting Codes

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  • [colors]

Ares provides a number of formatting codes, which can be used pretty much anywhere: templates, poses, descriptions, and more.

MUSH Format Codes

%r - A linebreak
%b - A single blank space
%t - Five blank spaces (like a tab)
%lh, %lf, %ld, %la - One of the border lines - header, footer, divider, alt-divider
%x or %c - Ansi color.  See below.


Most text also supports Markdown, which is simple markup that can be rendered as text in the MUSH client (e.g., **bold text**) or as HTML on the web portal (bold text).

Ansi Color

Ares allows the use of ansi color codes in virtually all text. The game supports the FANSI 256 color standard, and colors will be converted back to standard ansi for players who indicate they don’t want FANSI.

You can use ansi codes in game text by using %x or %c followed by the ansi color code. For example, %xb is blue, and %x33 is an aqua color.

Color will stay on until you turn it off. Always use the normal color %xn or %cn at the end of your colored string to return the color to normal. For example:

This is my %xbblue%xn text.

The following images show the available colors.