The ruby command is handy, but often you’ll want to run code that’s too involved to write comfortably in a single line of text. For that, we have the tinker command. The tinker command lets you enter some code in a mini code editor on the web portal and then execute it in the game.

To change the tinker code:

  1. Log into the Web Portal with your coder character.
  2. Go to Code -> Tinker.
  3. Edit the handle method to do the desired processing (see below for details).
  4. Click Save.
  5. Back in the MUSH client window, type tinker to execute the code.

Try It!

Let’s make the tinker code say hello to us. Edit the tinker code as described above and make the handle method look like this:

def handle
  client.emit "Hello, #{enactor.name}!"

After saving, go back to your MUSH client (logged in with your coder character) and type tinker. You should see: “Hello, Headwiz!” (or whatever your character’s name is.)

We’re going to continue using the tinker command for the remaining exercises in this tutorial. There’s a more in-depth Tinkering Tutorial if you want to learn more about tinkering when you’ve finished with the Quickstart.

This article is part of the Code Quickstart tutorial.