A New Breed of MUSH Server


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The Notifier helps you to notify characters whether they are logged into the game engine (through the telnet port) or to the Web Portal.

Most places don’t use the Notifier. If the player typed a command or generated a web request, the game knows to send the response to either the game engine or Web Portal, as appropriate.

The Notifier is for broader notifications that go to both the game engine and the Web Portal. For example - an event being scheduled or a mail message arriving.

Character Selection

Even those broad messages don’t necessarily go to everyone, so the notifier has a way to let you choose who can see them. You pass a helper block to the notify method. If the helper returns true for a client, it gets the message.

For example, this one always returns true so it will notify everybody of the event being scheduled:

  Global.notifier.notify_ooc(:event_created, message) do |char|

Whereas this version will only notify people who are on the mail message’s “to” list:

  Global.notifier.notify_ooc(:new_mail, message) do |char|
    char && recipients.include?(char) && char != author

Event Types

Each notification has an event type - :event_created or :new_mail in the examples above. These control special effects on the Web Portal. For example, new scene activity activates a flag on the status panel, and new mail updates the mail counter in the top right.