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There are lots of different ways to tell players about stuff happening on the game.

Global notifications are spammy and distracting, so they are limited to important things that might need immediate attention (i.e. announcements about the game shutting down or a new mail/forum/job message).

    Global.notifier.notify_ooc(:shutdown, message) do |char|

You can put conditions into the block to limit the notification to only certain characters. Here the notification is limited to those characters who can read a forum category:

  Global.notifier.notify_ooc(type, message) do |char|
    Forum.can_read_category?(char, category)

Web Client Notifications

Web client notifications are used to update info on the web portal without emitting to the game, like adding a pose to a scene or a chat message to a channel.

As with the global notifier, we can limit the notification to only certain characters. Here we’re only sending it to characters on a channel:

  web_message = "#{}|#{}|#{Website.format_markdown_for_html(formatted_msg)}"
  Global.client_monitor.notify_web_clients(:new_chat, web_message) do |char|
    char && Channels.is_on_channel?(char, channel)
Notice that we’re sending a bunch of data here (separated by delimiters). Many web client notifications contain data and not just a simple message for display. The type (:new_chat) tells the web portal how to interpret the data.

Game Channel

General game events are sent to the Game channel by default (though you can configure which channel). This includes miscellaneous updates like the who record being broken, and event starting, and so on. Using a channel versus a global emit lets people mute these notifications when they’re RPing and catch up on them later.


Personal Notifications

Lastly we have the personal notifications, which trigger an update of the ‘bell’ icon on the web portal, and show up in the ‘notifications’ page. These are sent to a specific character and are saved to the database so they don’t miss anything.

Login.notify(recipient, :mail, message,

The type (:mail) and the data ( help the portal direct the player to the proper page to read the item.