Config Reader

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The Config Reader is part of the Ares Engine code. It loads all the configuration files and lets you query for specific configuration settings.

Reading Configuration Values

The Global.read_config method lets you read configuration values.

You can query for a section:


Or a specific value:

Global.read_config("tinker", "example")

Reading Hashes

Some configuration options are hashes, meaning they are key-value pairs. For example:

    color: "%xb"
    text: Blue

If we were to just do Global.read_config("tinker", "example"), we would get a hash: { color: "%xb", text: "Blue"}.

The Config Reader provides a shortcut to get a particular value out of a hash.

  Global.read_config("tinker", "example", "color")
  Global.read_config("tinker", "example", "text")

The hash version does error-checking automatically and will return nil if the section, hash or value isn’t found.