A New Breed of MUSH Server

Ares for Coders

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AresMUSH leaves behind the softcode legacy of Penn and Tiny and provides a radically new coding experience.

Mainstream Languages

All Ares code uses mainstream languages: Ruby and Javascript. Both are a lot easier to learn and decipher than traditional MUSH softcode. There are a lot more Ruby/Javascript programmers than softcode programmers, as well as books and references on the subject.


Ares offers a robust suite of tutorials to help you learn Ares code from the ground up. We also have a Discord for code and game questions where you can get help.

That is not to say that learning to code in Ares is easy. Coding is hard in any language. If you’re starting from scratch with no prior coding experience, it’s still going to take time and effort to learn (especially for the web portal code or for in-depth systems). But it is easier to do a sophisticated system in Ares than in MUSHCode.


Every major system, from channels to combat, is implemented as a Plugin. The real power of plugins is that you can add, modify or replace any plugin. For example: A war MUSH might swap out the movement plugin for one that restricts movement based on action points during combat. A fantasy MUSH might swap out the description system with one that limits character descriptions based on what clothing items they had purchased. These changes replace the standard plugins, so you don’t end up with a hardcoded “who” and a softcoded “+who” on top of it.