Custom IC Starting Location

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This custom code hook is part of the Status plugin.

Approved characters normally start in the designated “IC Start Location”–Downtown, Docking Bay, Town Square, etc. You can change this standard location at any time using the icstart command.

However, some games may want to have characters start at different locations based on faction/homeworld/etc. To do this, you’ll need to use the custom code hook to vary the IC starting location.

Edit aresmush/plugins/status/custom_status.rb and make the custom_ic_start_location method choose a room based on the character. For example, this would make everyone from the “Martian” faction start off in the Mars Promenade and everyone else start in the Geneva Starport:

def self.custom_ic_start_location(char)
  faction ="Faction")
  if (faction == "Martian")
    return Room.named("Mars Promenade")
    return Room.named("Geneva Starport")