Dev Complete

There’s an expression in software development called “Dev Complete”. It means that all the planned features are done, and the developer is just waiting to see if any bugfixes or feature tweaks are needed. That’s where Ares is at right now.

I announced an “open beta” period about six weeks ago, and several folks have provided useful feedback as they tried to get an Ares game up and running (thanks for that!) Their feedback has helped to streamline the installation and upgrade process.

How is open beta different from what was there before?

  • While bugs and minor feature changes are still likely, I do not anticipate any more major revisions to the architecture.
  • A complete set of installation, coding and administrative tutorials are available on
  • I will be following a more disciplined release process, including release notes and database migrations.
  • I have tested the installation process and automated as much as humanly possible.

You can get help and follow beta updates on the Ares Forums.