Recovering from Config Errors

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Sometimes you’ll have a troublesome config error that you can’t figure out even with the troubleshooting YAML tips. When that happens, you may want to roll back a specific config file to its default values.

Recovering from the Web Portal

If your web portal is functioning, you can edit the config file using Admin->Setup and click “Restore Default Values”.

Recovering from the Game

If your web portal is not working (usually because your top navbar settings were messed up), you can restore a config file in-game using config/restore <file>.

Recovering from the Shell

If none of that works, you can also recover a default file from the shell. In your aresmush directory, run:

cp install/game.distr/config/SOMEFILE.yml game/config

Just specify the name of the file you wish to restore (e.g. demographics.yml).