A New Breed of MUSH Server


AresMUSH is a new kind of server for MUSH games. Don’t know what a MUSH is? It’s a unique style of text-based online gaming that blends role-playing games and collaborative writing. Check out our MUSH 101 Tutorial to learn more.

From a player’s perspective, AresMUSH is a sibling of PennMUSH and TinyMUX. Many players have mistaken it for a custom version of Penn rather than a completely new server! From an admin’s perspective, it is something completely different.

AresMUSH is still in development and not yet ready for general consumption. The code is very much still a development sandbox and what’s there now may not be compatible with what I do tomorrow. I know a couple games have chosen to proceed at risk of the code changing out from under them, but I don’t really recommend it. You can see Ares in action at BSG: Unification and follow updates on the blog or forum

Here are a few things to get you started: