Ares for Players

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AresMUSH is designed for players familiar with PennMUSH and TinyMUX. Virtually all of the commands you’re familiar with will work just as you expect.

The Ares for Vets tutorial gives a run-down on some of the differences between AresMUSH and Penn/Tiny.

Web Portal

AresMUSH features a fully-integrated Web Portal that allows you to interact with the game from a web browser. Far from just a telnet window embedded in the browser, the Web Portal offers a rich experience and can fully replace (and enhance!) traditional game wikis.


Commands in Ares are designed to be simpler and more approachable to new players, while at the same time preserving shortcuts for experienced players used to commands working a certain way. Where possible, it supports both Tiny and Penn syntax for things like mail and channels.


Player Handles bring a little taste of social media to MUSHing. A handle is your OOC identity, used across all Ares games. Through your handle, people can identify you as a player, not just as a character.

Little Things

Ares tries to make players’ lives easier. These little conveniences add up to a more pleasurable experience overall, and include:

  • A better AFK system.
  • More helpful help files.
  • A clear separation between IC and OOC command output.
  • Utilities that people often code themselves, from multi-descers to dice rollers.
  • Flexible keepalive handling.
  • Custom command shortcuts.
  • And much more!