Ares for Admins

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While AresMUSH preserves the player experience from PennMUSH and TinyMUX, the admin experience is something entirely different.

Turnkey Installation

Setting up an Ares server is designed to be as painless as possible. The tutorials provide step-by-step instructions, assuming no prior server management experience.

MUSH in a Box

The basic Ares installation includes not only the server itself (like Penn and Tiny) but also a rich suite of Plugins. The standard plugins cover everything from channels to chargen, so you should have everything you need for a typical game.

Here are just a few of the plugins that come with every Ares install:

  • Posing and Pages
  • Rooms and Movement
  • Who / Where
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Channels
  • FS3 Skills, Chargen and Combat*
  • and more

(*) FS3 can be replaced easily, and several other RPG systems are available for easy installation.

Easy Configuration

There’s no need to mess around with coded attributes and objects to configure your game. All standard config options can be set through the game’s Web Portal, and the tutorials will guide you through the process.

Web Portal

The AresMUSH Web Portal lets you handle jobs, review apps, configure your game and perform other common admin tasks with a nice web UI. This means you can take care of administrative stuff whenever and wherever it’s convenient.

RPG Systems

AresMUSH comes with the FS3 Skills and Combat System built in, providing a complete character creation and conflict resolution system.

Plugins are also available for several off-the-shelf skills systems, including:

  • Fate
  • Cortex
  • FFG Genesys / Star Wars
  • Simple Traits (as found on many comic games)

A Real Database

Ares uses Redis, a fast and lightweight database system. Using a standard database makes it easy to get at your data, make backups and integrate with the Web Portal.

Built-In Advertising

No more spamming ads on bulletin boards. With the AresCentral game directory, your game’s information will be available to everyone.

International Support

Ares is designed with international games in mind, supporting translations and special characters (Unicode). Currently the game is only translated into English, but you can add your own translations and command aliases.

If you are interested in sharing your translations, please contact us.