Edit Database Fields

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On Penn and Tiny, you can change settings just by manually editing attributes:

&WHATEVER *Player=Something

That doesn’t work on Ares because objects and attributes work differently.

Admin Commands

The “Ares Way” is to use admin commands for these sorts of things. Need to edit someone’s skills? Use the ability command. Need to edit someone’s actor? Use the admin actor commands.

See help for a complete list of admin commands.


Sometimes there won’t be an admin command for what you need. In those cases you can use the tinker command. See the Tinkering tutorial.

Manual Database Access

It’s rare when you can’t do what you need with tinkering. After all - tinkering can do everything the code can do.

But if you ever get into that situation, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and dive into the database itself. Log into your Server Shell and run the following commands to open up a database command prompt:


From here you can use any redis commands.

For example, to see a list of all character objects:

keys *Character* 

This will give you a list of items like AresMUSH::Character:2.

These objects are hashes, so you use the redis HGET/HST commands to access them. For instance, to view someone’s pose autospace field setting:

hget AresMUSH::Character:2 pose_autospace

You can look in the code to find the field names (like pose_autospace), or you can just ask for all of them at once.

hgetall AresMUSH::Character:2

Also keep in mind that many settings are stored in a child object and referenced by ID. For instance, to find out the name of the room someone’s in:

hget AresMUSH::Character:2 room_id  --> gives '1'
hget AresMUSH::Room:1 name --> gives 'Welcome Room'

You can change things with the hset command:

hset AresMUSH::Character:9 pose_quote_color "%xr"