Custom Chargen App Review

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This custom code hook is part of the Chargen plugin.

The standard chargen ensures that values are set, but doesn’t do much to see if the values make sense (i.e. that commoners can’t be knights or that civilians shouldn’t have Pilot Fighter Jet). Doing these kinds of checks requires custom code, and there’s a built-in hook where you can put that code.

Edit aresmush/plugins/chargen/custom_app_review.rb and make the custom_app_review method do whatever checks you want.

For example, if we wanted to restrict the ‘knight’ position to nobles, we could do:

def self.custom_app_review(char)
  faction ="Faction")
  position ="Position")
  if (position == "Knight" && faction != "Noble")
    msg = "%xrOnly nobles can be knights.%xn"
    msg = t('chargen.ok')
  return Chargen.format_review_status "Checking groups.", msg

Notice how we’re using the format_review_status helper. This is how most of the lines in the app review are formatted. It will display like this:

Checking groups.                                  Only nobles can be knights.

The Chargen helper has several built-in status values:

Green (OK)

t('chargen.ok')  --> < OK! >

Yellow (Warnings)

t('chargen.are_you_sure', :missing => "Field Name")       < Missing Field Name >

Red (Errors)

t('chargen.too_many')                                < Too Many! >
t('chargen.not_enough')                              < Not Enough! >
t('chargen.not_set')                                 < Not set! >
t('chargen.oops_missing', :missing => "Field Name")  < Oops! Missing Field Name >

You are not limited to these, of course, but using the standard that people are familiar with will help players to understand your system.