Common APIs

An API (Application Program Interface) is a well-defined way for one piece of code to talk to another piece of code. Ares plugins provide APIs that let other plugins interact with them, and you can use these APIs in your own code.

Plugin APIs are always found in the file plugins/<plugin>/public/<plugin>_api.rb. If you look in that file, you’ll see what API methods that plugin provides. For example, in the jobs_api.rb file, you’ll find API methods for:

Jobs.create_job(category, title, description, author)
Jobs.close_job(enactor, job, message)

You’ll find these APIs used throughout the Ares codebase. The channel plugin creates a job when someone reports channel abuse. The idle plugin creates a job when it’s time to do the idle purge. The chargen plugin creates a job when someone submits their app. And so on.

Try It!

Let’s use the jobs API to create a test job.

ruby Jobs.create_job("REQ", "A Test Job", "This is a test job.", enactor)

Common APIs

Here are a few other common APIs you may use in your own code.

Create a Job

Jobs.create_job(category, title, description, author)

There are some APIs like Jobs.request_category to find the right category to use. You can use Game.master.system_character to make the author “System” instead of a specific character.

Send Mail

Mail.send_mail(names, subject, body, client, author)

Use an array for names even if there’s only one name, e.g. [ "Faraday" ]. You can use Game.master.system_character to make the author “System” instead of a specific character. Leave ‘client’ nil when sending automated messages.

Move a Character

Rooms.move_to(client, char, room, exit_name)

You can leave client nil if the character isn’t logged in. You can leave exit_name nil if they aren’t moving through an exit.

Emitting Based on Character

Emits go to clients, not characters, but sometimes you need to find the client associated with a character. For example, if Harvey attacks Bob, you’ll want to send an emit to Bob’s client. These login APIs help you do that.

Login.emit_if_logged_in(char, message)
Login.emit_ooc_if_logged_in(char, message)

Post to the Forum

Forum.system_post(category, subject, message)

This creates a post from “System”.

Adding to Scenes

If you have a system that impacts RP (like magic or combat), you might want messages from that system to show up in RP logs. Note that this method does not notify anyone in the game, so you’ll also want to emit the message to the relevant people.

Scenes.add_to_scene(scene, pose, character, is_setpose, is_ooc)

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