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AresMUSH provides shortcuts for commands. Shortcuts let you use shorter versions (ex for examine) as well as aliases for commands that might have alternate names (finger –> profile, or outfit/remove –> outfit/delete).

Usually you won’t need to mess with the shortcuts, but if you are annoyed by something not being named the way you expect, you can add one.

Creating Shortcuts

Each plugin has its own shortcuts. Here’s an example of what shortcut config for the chargen plugin looks like:

    "chargen" : "cg"
    "cg/back": "cg/prev"

The main command is “cg” and it normally supports “cg/next” and “cg/prev” commands. Our shortcuts will turn “chargen” –> “cg” and “cg/back” –> “cg/prev”.

Chaining Shortcuts

It’s possible to ‘chain’ a root shortcut and a switch shortcut. For example:

"chargen": "cg"
"cg/back": "cg/prev"

If the player types chargen/back, it will be converted as follows:

chargen/back -> cg/back -> cg/prev

You can’t chain multiple shortcuts of the same type, so you can’t convert cg/back -> cg/prev and then have another shortcut to convert cg/prev to something else.