Privacy Policy

Your privacy is extremely important to us.

Private AresCentral account information is only accessible by AresCentral technical staff. Private information includes:

  • Email (if provided)
  • Security questions (e.g. “Most memorable MU”)
  • IP Addresses used to access your AresCentral account.

We will never disclose your private information to a third-party or to other players or games without your consent, except as required by law. We will not use it to spam or hassle you. It will only be used to enable AresMUSH and AresCentral features, such as sending a verification email for your forum account (a defense against bots and spammers) and resetting your password if you lose it.

Public account information (your public profile, friends list, linked characters and game preferences) will appear on the AresCentral website and be sent to individual AresMUSH games to enable game features.

For the forseeable future, the AresMUSH technical staff is just Faraday. If that ever changes, it will be announced.