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FS3 Third Edition (FS3.3)

What is FS3?

FS3 (Faraday’s Simple Skill System) is RPG system designed for MUSHes. FS3 is:

  • Fast and Easy - FS3 takes a simple approach to abilities and highlights skills that are relevant to gameplay. The goal is to get you through Chargen and reviewed as fast as possible.

  • Roleplay-Friendly - FS3 has a lightweight conflict resolution and combat system. This frees you to focus on the story, not the dice.

FS3 as a Framework

With just a few tweaks to the skill and weapons lists to make them fit the setting, FS3 can be used for anything from Wild West to Battlestar. In this way, it is similar to generic RPG frameworks like D20 or FATE.

However, FS3 is designed with near-modern cooperative games in mind. Before trying to adapt it to a different kind of game, consider the advice in Choosing FS3.

As with any RPG system, be aware that different games will have their own “house rules”.

FS3 as a Codebase

Since FS3 is designed for MUSHes, it is provided as a complete codebase. FS3.3 is currently only available for AresMUSH. Earlier versions were available for PennMUSH.

What’s New in Third Edition?

Skill Changes

  • Skill Ratings go from 0-8 instead of 1-12, with better descriptions of what the different levels represent.
  • Changed the dice mechanic slightly, increasing successes.
  • Attributes can now be raised with XP.
  • Background and Language skills now have a condensed, descriptive rating scale.
  • Background skills are chaper - you get several for free.
  • A XP system makes it easier to raise other skills while waiting for a big raise.
  • Quirks are gone, replaced by RP Hooks.
  • Defaulting works differently. You no longer use the Attribute by itself, but roll the skill at the special new “Everyman” rating to reflect common knowledge. This becomes Attribute+1. With the target number change, this actually gives you a better chance of success than previously rolling 2x the attribute.

Combat Changes

  • Combat wounds have different names and effects. Healing has been tweaked accordingly.
  • NPCs no longer have specific ratings but general classes: Goon, Henchman, Boss.
  • Certain hit locations (like hand and neck) will no longer come up as random hitlocs but can still be targeted with called shots.
  • Armor can now have different protection ratings in different areas, representing weak spots and mixed armor.
  • Other minor mechanics tweaks.


Thanks to the following people for their contributions to FS3:

  • The designers of FUDGE and FATE, which inspired FS3.
  • The cast and crew of Battlestar Pacifica, where +combat originated.
  • @Bunting and Limmer@BSP and my dad for input for the original edition of FS3.
  • PirateSpice and @Boo and the crew of Aftermath for initial alpha testing on 3rd edition.
  • @Roadspike, @Blu, @Avarice and the crew of The 100 for some cool house rules I stole and general feedback.

Prior Editions

Documents for earlier editions are archived here.

Copyright and License

The FS3 System Copyright 2007 by Linda Naughton (aka Faraday) and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Creative Commons License