Code Quickstart Tutorial Overview

This tutorial will teach you the basics of Ares code.

What We’ll Cover

  • Executing Ruby code using the ruby and tinker commands.
  • Emitting messages.
  • Parsing command arguments.
  • Updating fields in the database.
  • A few other basic Ares coding concepts.

What You’ll Need

This tutorial is interactive, so you’ll need the Headwiz character or coder permissions on an actual Ares game.

Don’t Have a Game?

It’s strongly recommended that you follow the standard installation instructions for your very first Ares game. This way you’re not trying to learn both Ares code and Ares server setup at the same time!

Using the DigitalOcean referral bonus, you’ll get a month or two for free - long enough to play around with the game and get your feet wet. Faraday can even set it up for you. After that, the prices are reasonable. Less than the price of a grande coffee each month.

If that’s not a viable option for you, there are instructions for how to set up an Ares test game on your local PC or Mac for development purposes.

Getting Help

If at any point you run into trouble, you can Get Help.

This article is part of the Code Quickstart tutorial.