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Learning Ruby

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There are a lot of Ruby tutorials out there, plus books on the subject. Here are a couple good ones:

  • Try Ruby - Short interactive introduction to the basics.
  • Ruby Quickstart - Another good short introduction.
  • Why’s Poignant Guide to Ruby - Very tongue-in-cheek guide that dives into some journeyman topics.
  • CodeAcademy - More in-depth tutorials.
  • Udemy and Plursalsight also have modestly-priced Ruby tutorials, but I haven’t tried it.


Some tutorials will be about "Ruby on Rails". Rails is just a website development framework that uses Ruby. Learning Rails isn't necessarily bad - you'll find some similar concepts in Ares - but Ares uses EmberJS instead of Rails. It's safe to skip the Rails stuff.

Don’t forget you can always ask for help.