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Create Help Files

Our commands will need help files. This is the same as in the Adding a Command, only this time we’re going to have multiple files and our own table of contents section for Cortex. Notice we’re also using one of the optional fields: order. This controls the order that help topics are displayed within the table of contents section.

In aresmush/plugins/cortex/help/en/

toc: Cortex
summary: The Cortex RPG system.
order: 1
# Cortex System

This game uses a simplified implementation of the 
[Cortex Classic RPG System]( used in 
the Firefly and Leverage RPGs.

In aresmush/plugins/cortex/help/en/

toc: Cortex
summary: Setting your abilities.
# Cortex Abilities

The Cortex system has several different kinds of abilities, and there are different commands for each.
Ratings use dice values, so 'd2', 'd4', etc.

`sheet` - View your character sheet.
`attribute <name>=<die_step>` - Sets an attribute.

There’s also a help file containing help text for rolling abilities.

This article is part of the Creating a Plugin tutorial.