Modifying Chargen

We addressed editing goals from the character profile page, but what about during character creation? That actually will require us to modify another set of templates and handlers. Here’s a starting point - see if you can figure out how to add goals to chargen:

  • Chargen custom code hooks: aresmush/plugins/profile/custom_char_fields.rb (get_fields_for_chargen and save_fields_from_chargen)
  • Chargen template: ares-webportal/app/templates/components/chargen-custom-tabs.hbs and ares-webportal/app/templates/components/chargen-custom.hbs
  • Chargen controller: ares-webportal/app/components/chargen-custom.js

Don’t forget, you can always ask for help if you get stuck.

This article is part of the Modifying the Web Portal tutorial.