• [engine]

The engine maintains several ports.

  • The Telnet Port accepts connections from traditional MU clients and responds to client input. The game can also send text to the client in response to events at any time.
  • The API Port accepts API requests from the Web Portal. It is a JSON-based API with a simple request-response model. The Engine can’t send unsolicited responses to the Web Portal from the API port.
  • The WebSocket Port lets the Web Portal establish a two-way WebSocket connection between the game and the web browser. This allows for asynchronous notifications like new activity in a scene or a new mail message arriving. It is also the basis for the ‘Play’ screen web client.
  • The Web Portal Port (aka HTTP Connection) is simply the port where the web server (nginx/Apache/etc.) is hosting the website. Typically this will be the standard HTTP port 80, but you can configure the web server however you want.