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Configuring Ares

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AresMUSH is ready to go out of the box with a default configuration based on a Battlestar Galactica setting. Most games will want to customize Ares to their own theme and preferences. These tutorials will show you how.

Beta Warning

Ares is still in beta, including the documentation. While it's stable overall, features are subject to change and some bugs are to be expected. Watch the Forum for updates.

Configuration Files

The easiest way to configure your game is through the game’s Web Portal. Log in as an admin user and visit Admin -> Setup.

You’ll see a list of configuration files with settings you can change.

Clicking on any config file will present you with a screen where you can edit the settings.

Using YAML

Ares config files use YAML, a simple formatting language. You can see the Understanding YAML tutorial for details and troubleshooting help, but here’s a quick overview.

Many config options are just numbers or strings, so you can edit them just by putting a value into the edit box. For example:

Some config options are lists. List the values, one per line, with a hyphen in front of each line.

The most complex config options are multi-field data structures called hashes.

The simplest hashes are just a set of name/value pairs, like this one listing demographic names and their corresponding command syntax:

physique: '%xcphysique <build/body type>%xn - athletic, wiry, slim, pudgy, etc.'
gender: '%xcgender <male/female/other>%xn'

But many hashes have more complex, nested data, like the demographics groups shown in the screenshot above. This hash is in the form group name:group config, but each group config is itself a hash with desc and values fields. And the values are also a hash, listing value names and descriptions.

Hashes can be tricky to edit. Make sure your indentation lines up and you have values for all required fields.

Essential Config

These are settings that pretty much every game will want to configure.

FS3 Config

If you intend to use the FS3 skills/combat systems, you’ll want to review these settings.

Basic FS3 Config

These are the basic configuration options that most games will need to tweak for their theme/setting.

FS3 Gear Config

The default gear lists are designed for a Battlestar setting. If you’re using another setting, you’ll probably need to tweak the gear lists. If you have custom vehicles or unusual combatant types (like six-legged aliens.html), you’ll need to adjust the hit location tables.

Advanced FS3 Config

These are advanced customization settings that most games won’t need to alter.

Other Config

A variety of other settings exist, but the defaults will work well for most games.

Uncommon Config

These configuration options will probably not need to be changed unless your server or database changes.

General Config Topics