A New Breed of MUSH Server

Why AresMUSH?

AresMUSH is designed with three goals in mind:

Make it Easier to Play

Ares is designed to offer a familiar experience to both Penn and TinyMUX players, so experienced players will feel right at home. At the same time, a fully-integrated Web Portal and streamlined commands make the game easier to play for new players and old alike.

Learn more at Ares for Players.

Make it Easier to Create a Game

Existing MUSH clients effectively require you to have a coder on board before you can make a game. Coding should be an afterthought, not your primary concern. Ares provides a complete MUSH-in-a-box that can be installed and configured by people with no prior code experience.

Learn more at Ares for Admins.

Make it Easier to Code

Some games will need advanced customizations or theme-specific code. Traditional MUSH softcode is hard to learn and work with, and the server hardcode is difficult or impossible to change. Ares uses a mainstream programming language (Ruby), and a plugin system to make coding easier, more flexible, and more pleasant.

Learn more at Ares for Coders.

Ares Compared To Other Servers

You can also see a detailed comparison of Ares and other MU servers in Server Roundup.