Community Contributions

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Community Contributions include plugins and themes that are not part of the standard Ares install.

Finding Contribs

You can find contributions on AresCentral:

Installing Plugins

You can install a plugin directly from the game using plugin/install <github url>. For example: plugin/install

Installing Themes

You can easily install new themes for your web portal by using theme/install <github url>. For example: theme/install

To restore to the default theme, use theme/install default.

Updating Plugins

As long as you haven’t modified the plugin’s source code, you can upgrade it just by using the plugin/install <github url> script again. This will replace the code files with the newest ones. Your configuration will not be affected. The release notes will tell you if you need to make any additional config or code changes by hand after the upgrade.

Warning: Do not re-install a plugin if you’ve got custom code modifications, as this will overwrite your changes. You’ll have to do the upgrade by hand. GitHub’s version compare tools can help you figure out what changed. You could even make your own ‘fork’ of the extra repo to manage your code changes and take advantage of GitHub’s merging features. Feel free to ask for help.

Uninstalling Plugins

Ares plugins plug IN easily, but taking them out requires a bit of code fiddling. Some plugins have more detailed uninstall instructions in their README file, but in general you need to:

  1. Remove the database fields and any associated database objects.
  2. Unload the plugin using the in-game command unload <plugin name>.
  3. Remove the code files. You may remove the config files too, but you don’t have to.
  4. Remove the plugin from the extras list in the plugins.yml config file.

This can be an involved process, so don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it.


See Submitting Contributions if you want to contribute your own plugins or themes.