A New Breed of MUSH Server

Configuring Ares

AresMUSH is ready to go out of the box with a default configuration based on a Battlestar Galactica setting. Most games will want to customize Ares to their own theme and preferences. These tutorials will show you how.

Under Construction

Ares is still very much under construction and not yet ready for use in a real game. Both the code and tutorials are incomplete! Having a robust suite of tutorials is a critical part of the first official release of Ares, so stay tuned!

Configuration Files

All configuration is done through the game’s Web Portal. Log in as an admin user and visit the Admin screen. Basic game settings have dedicated screens. These are the things that virtually every game will need to adjust.

For more advanced configuration, you will need to edit the game’s configuration files. You can do this through the Web Portal by selecting Advanced Configuration. Configuration files are stored on disk in the game/config directory, so you can also edit them manually via the server shell. Ares configuration files use YAML, so you should check out the Understanding YAML tutorial before diving into the advanced configuration.

Basic Game Config

Plugin Config

FS3 Skills Config

FS3 Combat Config


Server Change Config

These configuration options will probably not need to be changed unless your server or database changes.