A New Breed of MUSH Server

Configuring AresMUSH

AresMUSH is ready to go out of the box with a default configuration based on a Battlestar Galactica setting. Most games will want to customize Ares to their own theme and preferences.

Configuration Files

Configuration Files contain general game settings, like the skill list and IC year offset. You can edit these files through the Web Portal or by editing the files in the server shell. See Changing Configuration Files for details.

Below are detailed tutorials about all available configuration settings.

Basic Game Config

There are several basic game settings that pretty much every game will want to customize.

Feature Config

Most plugins have various configuration settings you can customize.

FS3 Skills Config

FS3 Combat Config

Code Config

Server Change Config

These configuration options will probably not need to be changed unless your server or database changes.


Templates control the information displayed in certain commands, like the who list or character profile. See Using Templates for details on how to use and edit templates.

Locale (Game Text)

Locale determines the text that is displayed for every command in the game. You probably will not need to change this. If you find yourself needing to modify the game text, see Using Locale (Game Text)).