Configuring the Idle System

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To configure the Idle plugin:

  1. Select Admin -> Setup.
  2. Edit idle.yml


You can turn the roster system on or off by setting use_roster to true or false. Note: You’ll probably also want to edit the web navbar to remove the Roster menu item.


You can configure how long someone has to be idle (e.g. not logged in) before they appear on the idle sweep.


The mail message sent to someone when they are given an idle warning.


Since special characters may not log in often, you can exempt certain roles from the idle sweep. There are two ways to do this. The first way is to list a number of roles. For example, this would make everyone with the builder, admin or guest role exempt from the idle sweep:

- admin
- builder
- guest

If you want more fine-tuned control - e.g. only exempting certain admins and not all of them, you could create a special idle_exempt role and assign it only to specific people who are exempt from the idle policy.


When characters are idled out, an annnouncement is posted to the forum. You can configure which category they go to. Making it a forum that doesn’t exist will effectively disable the welcome post.

Idle Sweep Reminder

Since idle sweeps must be done manually, the idle system will periodically create a staff job to remind you to do it. There are several settings related to this reminder:

monthly_reminder_cron - This cron job controls when the reminder happens. By default it’s monthly. See the Cron Job Tutorial for help if you want to change this.

monthly_reminder_title - The reminder’s job title.

monthly_reminder - Text for the reminder job.

reminder_category - The job category that the reminder will be put into.

Roster Announcement

When characters are taken off the roster, an arrival announcement is also posted to the forum.


You can configure which category this goes to by setting arrivals_category. As with the Idle announcement, you can make it a non-existent forum to disable the post.


You can configure the contents of the arrival announcement. You can use %{name} in the message where you want the char’s name to go. You can also use %{rp_hooks} for their RP Hooks, or any group name. For example: "Welcome %{name} - the newest %{position} in %{faction}.\n\nRP Hooks:\n%{rp_hooks}" (The quotes there are important.)


This message is mailed to a new player when they are taken off the roster. You might use this to tell them any special instructions for getting started.


Set this to true if you want all characters on the roster to require an application.


If a character on the roster doesn’t have a specific contact person (for questions about the character), this will used. It defaults to “Admin” but you could make it a specific person or something like “App Staff”.


You can configure which fields appear on the roster list. For each field, you can specify the column title, width, and where to get the data. For example, this config makes two columns (25 wide and 15 wide) showing name and position.

- field: name
  width: 25
  title: Name
- field: group
  value: position
  width: 15
  title: Position

A complete description of all available fields - and how to create custom fields - can be found in the “who_fields” option in the Who/Where Configuration.


You can use this field to tell players what information is required for a roster application.


Roster applications will use this job category.