Configuring the Ranks System

  • [config]

To configure the Ranks plugin:

  1. Select Admin -> Setup.
  2. Edit ranks.yml


The ranks system is designed so that one group setting controls what ranks are available to you. The default configuration bases ranks on Faction, so each faction will have a different rank system.


You list the ranks for each group in order of seniority (least senior to most senior), along with a true/false indicator of whether that rank is available in chargen or not. Restricted ranks must be set by admins or people with the manage_rank permission.

There are types within a group - typically this would be for Officer/Enlisted ranks or Patrol/Detective or something like that. Types are used for display within the ranks list. Even if you only have one rank type per faction, you still need a subsection. Just make it “All”.

        Ensign: true
        Lieutenant JG: true
        Admiral: false
        Crewman Recruit: true
        Crewman Apprentice: true
        Chief Petty Officer: false


There are two display styles available for the faction ranks.


The default style, ‘military’, shows a side-by-side listing of Officer and Enlisted ranks, suitable for a military game.

Ranks for Navy

     Enlisted                           Officer
1    Crewman Apprentice                 Ensign
2    Crewman                            Lieutenant Jg


The basic style just shows the rank groups one after the other. This is more useful when the ranks have no parallel structure and the groups are more distinct.

Ranks for Navy

Crewman Apprentice

Lieutenant Jg