A New Breed of MUSH Server

Configuring the Game Wiki

  • [config]

The Web Portal wiki has a number of configuration options. To set them:

  1. Select Admin -> Setup
  2. Edit website.yml.


You can provide a list of wiki pages to show in the Wiki dropdown menu. Just give the page names one by one as a list. For example:

- Home
- Getting Started
- Policies


You can lock down certain pages on the wiki so they can only be edited by people with the manage_wiki permission. Just list the page names one by one in list format. You can also use category:* to restrict an entire category. For example:

- home
- theme:*


You can create aliases for redirects or commonly-misspelled wiki page names to avoid broken links. Just list the alias and the page you want it to go to. In this example, someone linking to ‘main’ will be directed to ‘home’ instead:

main: home