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Configuring FS3 Combat - Miscellaneous

  • [config]

This topic describes some miscellaneous combat options you can configure.

  1. Select Admin -> Setup.
  2. Edit fs3combat_misc.yml


Combatant types in FS3 let you specify different kinds of soldiers, pilots, aliens, etc. Each combatant type can have a different weapon, skills and armor.


The "Observer" type is special and cannot be changed. The rest can be configured as you desire.

For example, this BSG config sets up a Soldier type for ground marines and a Viper type for a viper pilot. The soldier starts with a rifle and armor, and the pilot starts off piloting a Viper.

    weapon: Rifle
        - Ap
    armor: Tactical
    hitloc: Humanoid
    defense_skill: Reflexes
    vehicle: Viper
    hitloc: Humanoid
    defense_skill: Piloting


(Required) This controls which hit location table (from Hit Location Config) is used for this type.


For combatants with vehicles, hit location is for the pilot, not the vehicle. Vehicles automatically have their own hit location table.


(Optional) You may override what defense skill this combatant type uses. If not specified, the system will default to the default_defense_skill specified in the Combat Skills Config.

weapon and weapon_specials

(Optional) You may give the combatant a weapon and weapon specials.


For combatants with vehicles, they will select the vehicle's default weapon if you don't specify a combatant weapon.


(Optional) You may give the combatant armor.


For combatants with vehicles, armor is for the pilot, not the vehicle. Vehicles automatically have their own hit armor.


(Optional) You may specify a vehicle type that the combatant will use.


You need to specify which of your combatant types is the default if the player doesn’t specify a value. Just set the default_type value to one of the combatant types (e.g. Soldier).


You can configure what stances are available in combat and the attack/defense modifiers they convey.


If you change/remove the names of any of the built-in stances, you'll want to check the code too. Some of the stances have special effects (notably Cover and Hidden) in addition to the stance modifiers.