Configuring FS3 Combat - Damage

  • [config]

To configure the FS3 damage system:

  1. Select Admin -> Setup.
  2. Edit fs3combat_damage.yml


You can configure the wound modifiers for each damage level to make combat either more realistic (higher modifiers) or more Hollywood-ish (lower modifiers). Fractional modifiers are allowed, so small wounds can add up.

For context, remember that -3 is a very significant modifier - it can take a Great person down to an Fair level.


You can configure a bonus to give PCs on their knockout rolls. Make this 0 if PCs have no advantage over NPCs.


The base damage level (before being modified by things like luck or armor) is determined by a simple percentage roll. You can configure the chance of each wound level coming up on this roll by adjusting the damage table.

For example:


A roll of 0-19 would be a graze, 20-69 would be a flesh wound, 70-94 would be impaired, and 95+ would be incapacitated. (Incap is not listed because it’s automatically anything higher than the final value).

If you wanted to make incap wounds more rare and grazes more common, you might make the chart:


Now 0-39 is a graze, 40-59 is flesh, 60-99 is impaired, and 100+ is incap. This means you’d never get an incap wound through a random roll alone; you’d need a damage modifier.


You can configure the number of healing points required to lower a wound to the next damage level. You can make damage either more realistic (higher numbers, slower healing) or more Hollywood-ish (lower numbers, faster healing).

A character gets 1 healing point per day by default, and 2 they’re under a doctor’s care, or successfully make a healing roll. So if you set the healing time for IMPAIR to 7, it means that the character will heal from Impaired down to Flesh Wound in 4-7 days.


You can configure when the healing code runs. By default it runs daily after midnight. See the Cron Job Tutorial for help if you want to change this.