Configuring FS3 Combat - Skills

  • [config]

To configure the FS3 Combat Skills:

  1. Go to the Web Portal’s Admin screen.
  2. Select ‘Setup’.
  3. Edit fs3combat_skills.yml

The combat rules require you to determine which abilities are used for the following rolls:

  • composure_skill (default = Composure) - Used for knockout rolls and stress resistance.
  • recovery_skill (default = Brawn) - Used to determine if someone gets a bonus healing point during the daily healing roll.
  • treat_skill (default = Medicine) - Used for the treat commands to provide immediate assistance to injuries.
  • healing_skill (default = Medicine) - Used to determine how many patients a doctor can heal at once, and whether those people get a bonus healing point during the daily healing roll.
  • initiative_skill (default = Alertness) - Used to determine who goes first in a combat turn.
  • default_defense_skill (default = Reflexes) - Used for defense rolls outside of melee and vehicle combat. Melee combat uses the defender’s melee weapon skill, and vehicle combat uses their piloting skill. You can override this for a specific combatant type. See Combatant Types Config.
  • strength_skill (default = Brawn) - Used for augmenting melee weapon damage.