Configuring Banned and Suspect Sites

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You can register certain IPs or hostnames as banned or suspect to block/alert you to problem players.

To learn more about how banned and suspect sites work and what other options you have, see the Dealing with Trolls tutorial.

Banned and Suspect Sites

To configure banned and suspect sites:

  1. Select Admin -> Setup
  2. Edit sites.yml.

Add IP addresses or host names to the banned or suspects list, one per line with dashes. For example:

- 123.45.678

To make the list empty, enter empty brackets, like so: []


The findsite command (help findsite) helps you to find the IP and host of a troublesome player so you can add their site to the banned or suspect lists.

Partial Matches

Only part of a site needs to match, so listing would block and and so forth.

Banning Proxy Sites

To enable the proxy site ban, set ban_proxies to true.