Configuring the Channel System

  • [config]

To configure the Channels plugin:

  1. Select Admin -> Setup.
  2. Edit channels.yml

Creating Channels

In-game commands let you create, delete, and rename channels. You can also set channel permissions, colors, and and other settings. See help manage channels.

start_marker and end_marker

You can configure the characters that appears at the beginning and end of the channel name. This lets you alter the appearance to do things like:

<Chat> Faraday says, "This is MUSH style."
[Chat] Faraday says, "This is MUX style."

Start and end markers can include ansi color and other formatting codes.


You can configure which channels new characters join by default when they are first created. Guests will also be added to those same channels when they connect.

This should be a list. For example:

- Questions
- Chat


You can also configure which channels characters join when they are approved. Like default_channels, this should be a list. For example:

- RP Requests


This is the channel where various OOC game announcements will go, like who records being broken or events starting.


Linking a channel to the OOC lounge/Offstage room ensures that all chit-chat in that room is echoed to the selected channel. This ensures that chatter can be accessible to all players - including ones on the web portal - and also subject to reporting with the Ares harassment tools. Just set ooc_lounge_channel to the channel name. Leave it blank to allow people to chat in the OOC room as normal.

recall_timeout_days and clear_history_cron

Messages in channel recall will be automatically deleted after the specified timeout, in days. This helps keep the recall reasonably current for someone looking at the channel history - particularly on the web portal.

The clearing happens on the timetable specified by the cron config. See the Cron Job Tutorial for help if you want to change this.


Sets the number of messages available in the channel recall (and thus the web portal chat) for all channels.

Discord Integration

The Discord Integration is an optional add-on that you can install to link your in-game chat channels with channels in a Discord server. Messages sent from a linked channel will be echoed to its partner on the other side.

Note: The installation is not straightforward, so the Discord integration is only recommended with those with some technical savvy and patience.


If the player doesn’t have an icon, Discord will use a randomly-assigned one from Gravatar. Gravatar supports various styles such as ‘robohash’ (robots), ‘retro’ (blocky video game things), ‘identicon’ (geometric patterns) and more.


This is the prefix that shows up on the in-game chat to indicate that the message came from Discord.


Set this to ‘true’ if you’re having trouble with your discord bot; it enables extra debugging that may help you diagnose the problem.