Configuring FS3 Combat - Hit Locations

  • [config]

To configure the FS3 hit location tables:

  1. Select Admin -> Setup.
  2. Edit fs3combat_hitloc.yml

Before You Start

FS3 uses a somewhat unique hit location system. See How Hit Location Works for more info on how it works.

Hit Location Types

FS3 lets you define different hit location tables for different combatant types. Usually you’ll have one for humanoids and one for each distinct kind of vehicle, but you can do more than that. Maybe your game needs one for “alien quadraped” or “horse” too.

Each hit location type has several properties, described below.


The ‘areas’ configuration lists all possible hit locations on the target. The first location is considered the default hit location, assuming the person is aiming at the target’s “center of mass”. This would be the chest on a human or the body of an aircraft, for example.

When you aim at a location, there’s a chance you might hit somewhere nearby. Each hit location has a list of nearby locations. For example:

        Chest: [ 'Left Leg', 'Right Leg',  'Left Arm', 'Right Arm', 'Abdomen', 'Abdomen', 'Head', 'Chest', 'Chest', 'Chest' ]
        Left Leg: [ 'Chest', 'Right Foot', 'Right Leg', 'Right Leg', 'Abdomen', 'Abdomen', 'Left Foot', 'Left Leg', 'Left Leg', 'Left Leg' ]

Each location should have ten entries. Generally, three of those entries (the ones at the end of the list) should be the place you were aiming for. The other seven should be nearby areas.

The more times you list an entry, the more likely it’ll come up. Each entry is a 10% chance. In the chest example above, the chances of hitting each area are:

Left Leg: 10%, Right Leg: 10%, Left Arm: 10%, Right Arm: 10%, Abdomen: 20%, Head: 10%, Chest: 30%

Hit location is shifted to the right based on the success of the to-hit roll, so entries closest to the desired hit location should be at the end of the list. Notice that the Chest hit location table begins further away (the legs) and then gets closer until finally reaching the chest.

vital_areas and critical_areas

For each hit location type, you can list “Vital” and “Critical” areas. All other areas not listed are considered “Non-Vital”.

Vital areas have no damage modifier. Critical areas have +30% and Non-Vital areas have a -10%.

        - Chest
        - Abdomen
        - Head
        - Neck


For a vehicle, you need to specify which hit locations have crew/passengers in them. A hit to this location has a chance of injuring the people inside.

        - Cockpit