FS3.3 - Luck Points

Luck Points in FS3 are a way to give your character an edge from luck or fate.

Ability Rolls

You can spend Luck Points in various ways to help your ability rolls.

  • Before your own roll, spend a point to receive a +3 modifier.
  • Immediately after your own roll, spend a point to get a re-roll and choose the better of the two rolls.

Only one Luck Point can apply to a given task, so you can’t give yourself a bonus and then also re-roll the result.


You can spend a Luck Point for special effects. See Combat.

Plot Points

You can also spend Luck Points to affect the outcome of plots. For example: you might spend a point to have the prosecutor lose key evidence in a trial, or to get a lucky break finding a missing witness. This is entirely at the storyteller’s discretion, and the number of points required will vary based on how much you’re pushing your luck.

Getting Lucky

Everyone starts with 1 Luck Point. You gain more from RPing with other players. Individual games may also offer luck as a reward for OOC actions that help the game (running plots, building, etc.)

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