FS3.3 - Experience

Experience reflects the way a character grows and changes over time.

Experience Points

Experience Points (XP) are gained periodically to reflect what your character has been learning and/or practicing during that time. You spend them to improve your abilities. The number of XP needed to reach the next rating depends on the current rating, so higher skills take longer to learn.

You earn 1 XP each week. You may ‘bank’ up to 4 XP in case you forget to spend them right away.

Spending XP

XP represents incremental learning or practice. You spend XP as you get it, resulting in a gradual progression toward the next rating. The cost to achieve a new rating is indicated in the tables below.

When you spend XP on an ability, you have to wait 30 days before you can spend XP on that same ability again. This effectively means that 1 XP = 1 month in the progression tables. You can still spend XP on other abilities while you’re waiting.

Remember, games can customize this progression so consult your local game policies for specifics.

Attribute Costs

Current Rating XP Cost
Poor 1 XP
Average 4 XP
Good 8 XP

Action Skill Costs

Current Rating XP Cost
Everyman 1 XP
Fair 2 XP
Competent 3 XP
Good 4 XP
Great 8 XP
Extraordinary 8 XP
Amazing 8 XP

Background/Language Skill Costs

Current Rating XP Cost
None (Everyman) 1
Fair / Beginner 4 XP
Good / Conversational 8 XP

Limits on Learning

Nobody can be awesome at everything. Characters may only advance so far beyond the character creation maximums, no matter how much XP they accumulate.

  • You can only have up to 42 points in Action Skills total.
  • You can only have up to 14 points in Attributes total.

The limits on skills/attributes at specific high levels (e.g., only a certain number of attributes at 4+) do not apply when spending XP.

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