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FS3.3 - System Basics

Characters in FS3 have Abilities to describe what they know and what they can do. Ability Ratings are numbers that quantify the character’s capabilities.

There are several kinds of Abilities, summarized below. For more details, see Character Creation

  • Attributes represent basic abilities that everyone has to some extent. Attributes boost related skills, and come into play when no skill directly applies.
  • Action Skills represent training/knowledge in areas that are likely to come up in action/conflict situations during the game.
  • Background Skills are ancillary skills (such as hobbies and professions) that are important to your character, but not related to the central game action.
  • Languages are the languages that your character can speak and/or read.
  • Advantages are an optional section that some games will use to represent things a character has that are not skills - resources, rank, connections, etc.

When conflicts arise, you can make an Ability Roll with virtual dice to determine the result. Ability Rolls use a “count successes” system like nWoD or Shadowrun 4 where you roll a bunch of dice against a fixed target number and count how many of the dice are “successes”. For more details see Conflict Resolution.

FS3 also has a fully-featured Combat System for automating large combat scenes.

You can improve your character over time through Experience.

Luck can help if you get into a sticky situation.