FS3.3 - Detailed Ratings

Skill ratings in FS3 are deliberately broad. What exactly is “Good” or “Great”? It’s impossible to pin down precisely, but here are some example descriptions for the skill ratings of some common Action Skills to give you a better idea of what’s meant by each rating.


0 (Incapable) You come from a society without guns and you have no idea how they work. Boomstick?
1 (Everyman) It’s just like the movies, right? Point and shoot. You might even remember to turn the safety off.
2 (Fair) You’re a casual target range shooter or hunter.
3 (Competent) You’re a serious gun enthusiast or someone who’s completed basic military/police firearm qualification.
4 (Good) You’re a proficient marksman with some real-world experience beyond the range.
5 (Great) You are a superior marksman with a lot of experience.
6 (Exceptional) You’re an expert sharpshooter.
7 (Amazing) You are a world-class sniper or Olympic-quality marksman.
8 (Legendary) You could hold your own with the likes of Chris Kyle or Vasily Zaytsev.


0 (Incapable) You come from a society without any medical knowledge.
1 (Everyman) You know to put ice on a sprain and take aspirin for a cold.
2 (Fair) You’ve taken a first aid class or read a few books.
3 (Competent) You’re a medical/nursing student or junior EMT.
4 (Good) You’re a fully-certified doctor, nurse, or paramedic.
5 (Great) You are an experienced healer with a lot of real-world experience.
6 (Exceptional) You know every treatment like the back of your hand.
7 (Amazing) You’re a grizzled veteran who’s seen everything the streets/hospital has to offer.
8 (Legendary) Dr. House has nothing on you.


0 (Incapable) You come from a society without aircraft, so you have no idea how they work.
1 (Everyman) Pull back on the stick to go up, right?
2 (Fair) You’ve taken some flying lessons.
3 (Competent) You are a qualified pilot but still lacking a lot of experience.
4 (Good) You are a typical professional pilot with some experience.
5 (Great) You are a veteran pilot with a lot of experience.
6 (Exceptional) You could be one of the best pilots in the division.
7 (Amazing) You are good enough to be a test pilot or stunt pilot.
8 (Legendary) You’re in the same league as the Red Baron and Chuck Yeager.