FS3.3 - What's New in Third Edition

Here’s what’s new and interesting in FS3 3rd Edition. For older editions, see Old Editions.

Skill Changes

  • Skill Ratings go from 0-8 instead of 1-12, with better descriptions of what the different levels represent.
  • Changed the dice mechanic slightly, increasing successes.
  • Attributes can now be raised with XP.
  • Background and Language skills now have a condensed, descriptive rating scale.
  • Background skills are chaper - you get several for free.
  • A XP system makes it easier to raise other skills while waiting for a big raise.
  • Quirks are gone, replaced by RP Hooks.
  • Defaulting works differently. You no longer use the Attribute by itself, but roll the skill at the special new “Everyman” rating to reflect common knowledge. This becomes Attribute+1. With the target number change, this actually gives you a better chance of success than previously rolling 2x the attribute.

Combat Changes

  • Combat wounds have different names and effects. Healing has been tweaked accordingly.
  • NPCs no longer have specific ratings but general classes: Goon, Henchman, Boss.
  • Certain hit locations (like hand and neck) will no longer come up as random hitlocs but can still be targeted with called shots.
  • Armor can now have different protection ratings in different areas, representing weak spots and mixed armor.
  • Other minor mechanics tweaks.