Custom Code Hooks

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Normally, modifying the base Ares code exposes you to merge conflicts. This is an annoying process that forces you to reconcile your changes with the base code changes whenever you upgrade.

There are, however, several places that are designed with custom code hooks, which let you hook in custom code without actually touching the core code.

Chargen Hooks

  • Chargen App Review - Character fields checked on the app review screen, like making sure their groups make sense or a custom chargen field is set.
  • Chargen Approval Triggers - Actions taken after approval, like assigning roles or adding characters to channels based on their groups.
  • IC Starting Location - If you want people from different factions/homeworlds/etc. to start in different places, you can use the custom IC starting location hook.
  • Character Fields - New character fields added to profiles and/or chargen.

Scene Hooks

  • Scene Buttons - Actions added to the Play menu or pose buttons on active scenes.
  • Character Cards - Custom appearance for the mini character profiles that show up during active scenes when you select a character’s icon.

FS3 Combat Hooks

  • Combat Actions - Adding new combat actions to FS3.
  • New Turn Triggers - Actions to be taken at the end of each turn, like resetting flags or handling special kinds of damage.

Web Portal Hooks

  • Custom Routes - Adding custom routes (pages) to the web portal.