Essential Config - Web Portal Theme

Most games will want to customize the appearance of the web portal.

Using a Pre-Made Theme

Several pre-made themes are available - you can browse them in the AresCentral Theme Directory.

To use one of these themes, just use the command theme/install <github url> in your MU client. For example: theme/install

To revert to the default theme, use theme/install default.

Choosing Colors

You can customize what colors are used for various elements in your theme.

  1. Go to Admin -> Setup in the web portal.
  2. Select “Edit Theme Colors”.
  3. Use the color widgets to select the desired colors.

Uploading Theme Images

The theme uses several standard images: one across the header banner, one on the login screen, and a background used for character and scene pages. You can upload new versions of these images.

  1. Go to Directory -> Files.
  2. Select the theme_images directory.
  3. Select an image you wish to change.
  4. Select “Upload Files”.
  5. Browse to find your new image on your PC.
  6. Make sure that the file is named exactly the same as the original (e.g. background.png) and the “Overwrite” box is checked.
  7. Click the upload button.

Advanced Theme Customizations

You can customize your theme further with custom CSS, but this is all we’re going to cover for now. See Configuring the Website for more information.

This article is part of the Essential Config tutorial.