Essential Config - Welcome Text

Next we’ll customize the text that gets shown to players when they connect to the game.

Connect Screen

The connect screen is the first thing a player sees when they connect via a traditional MUSH client.

  1. Go to Admin -> Setup in the web portal.
  2. Select “Connect Screen”.

Enter some ASCII art. is a handy online ASCII sketchpad. You can use any formatting codes, including color, in your connect screen text. It is not necessary to escape out characters like backslashes and percent signs.

Home Page Text

Instead of the connect screen, web portal players are greeted by the home page text. Here you can place your custom welcome message.

  1. Select Admin -> Setup.
  2. Select “Home Page Text”.

The home page text can contain Markdown formatting and ansi formatting codes.

The blurb beneath explaining what Ares is cannot be changed without diving into the code. It’s an important introduction to Ares and MUSHing for new players.

Terms of Service

The terms of service are displayed to new characters when they first connect to the game or register on the web portal. You can use this to outline important game policies, like a code of conduct, age restrictions, etc.

  1. Go to Admin -> Setup in the web portal.
  2. Select “Terms of Service”.

If you don’t want to show terms of service, just leave the text empty and it will disable the feature.

This article is part of the Essential Config tutorial.