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Creating a Plugin Tutorial

This is the fourth in the series of basic Ares coding tutorials.

What We’ll Cover

In this tutorial, we’ll examine the design of the Cortex plugin, a simplified implementation of the Cortex System used in the Firefly and Leverage RPGs.

You can find the full code for the Cortex plugin in the Ares Extras repository.

Note: You don’t need to do this tutorial if all you want to do is use the Cortex plugin. Instead, follow the instructions in Ares Extras to install the plugin. This article is for coders who want to understand how the plugin was created.

What You’ll Need

Unlike the other two, this is not a “Try It!” tutorial. It’s more of a walk-through showing you how the Cortex plugin was built.

Getting Help

If at any point you run into trouble, you can Get Help.


This article is part of the Creating a Plugin tutorial.