A New Breed of MUSH Server

Start the Game

If the game is ever stopped, you’ll need to restart it.

  1. Log into your Server Shell.
  2. Type cd aresmush.
  3. Type bin/startares.

If the game is already running and you want to restart it, see Shutting Down the Game for information on how to stop the game first.

To ensure the game automatically restarts when the server is rebooted, see Auto-Restart After Server Reboot.

Tip: You can also run bin/devstart if you want to start it in debug mode, so you can see log messages ‘live’ on the console. In debug mode, the game will stop running if you hit CONTROL-C or close down your connection, so it’s only good for short debug sessions. You must start the Web Portal separately in debug mode using bin/devportal.