A New Breed of MUSH Server

Why AresMUSH?

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AresMUSH is designed with three goals in mind:

Make it Easier to Play

Ares makes it easier to play for new and veteran MUSHers alike.

  • A fully-integrated website/wiki.
  • A familiar experience for Penn and TinyMUX players.
  • Player handles, which bring a taste of social media to MUSHes.
  • A ground-up focus on making a pleasant user experience.

Ares is designed to offer a familiar experience to both Penn and TinyMUX players, so experienced players will feel right at home. At the same time, a fully-integrated and streamlined commands make the game easier to play for new players and old alike.

Learn more at [Ares for Players](/features/ares-for-players.html.

Make it Easier to Create a Game

Existing MUSH clients effectively require you to have a coder on board before you can make a game. Coding should be an afterthought, not your primary concern. Ares makes it easier to create a game.

  • Turnkey installation with automated scripts and step-by-step instructions.
  • A complete MUSH-in-a-box that can be installed and configured by people with no prior code experience.
  • A fully-integrated Web Portal, so you don’t need to manage a separate wiki.
  • Easy web-based configuration.
  • FS3 comes built-in, and several other skill systems are available as easy-to-install plugins.

Learn more at [Ares for Admins](/features/ares-for-admins.html.

Make it Easier to Code

Some games will need advanced customizations or theme-specific code. Traditional MUSH softcode is hard to learn and work with, and the server hardcode is difficult or impossible to change. Ares code is easier to work with.

  • Mainstream languages - Ruby (for the server) and JavaScript (for the web portal)- that are easier to learn and get help with.
  • A robust plugin system that makes it easy to change core functionality.

Learn more at [Ares for Coders](/features/ares-for-coders.html.

Ares Compared To Other Servers

You can also see a detailed comparison of Ares and other MU servers in Server Roundup.