Why AresMUSH?

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AresMUSH is designed with three key goals:

Make it Easier to Play

Ares makes it easier to play for new and veteran MUSHers alike.

  • A fully-integrated website/wiki.
  • A familiar experience for Penn and TinyMUX players.
  • Player handles, which bring a taste of social media to MUSHes.
  • A ground-up focus on making a pleasant user experience.

Learn more at Ares for Players.

Make it Easier to Create a Game

Existing MUSH clients effectively require you to have a coder on board before you can make a game. Coding should be an afterthought, not your primary concern. Ares makes it easy to create a game.

  • Turnkey installation with automated scripts and step-by-step instructions.
  • A complete MUSH-in-a-box that can be installed and configured by people with no prior code experience.
  • A fully-integrated Web Portal, so you don’t need to manage a separate wiki.
  • Easy web-based configuration.
  • FS3 comes built-in, and can be swapped for several other skill system plugins.

Learn more at Ares for Admins.

Make it Easier to Code

Coding is hard in any language, especially if you’ve never done it before. However, Ares code offers some advantages over traditional MUSH softcode:

  • Mainstream languages - Ruby (for the server) and Ember JavaScript (for the web portal) with robust community support.
  • A robust plugin system that makes it easy to change core functionality.
  • Extensive tutorials to teach you Ares coding from the ground up.

Learn more at Ares for Coders.

But Wait…

As cool as Ares is, it’s not the right choice for every game. Before choosing Ares, be sure to check out Choosing the Right MU Server.