A New Breed of MUSH Server

Configuring the Scenes System

To configure the Scenes plugin:

  1. Select Admin -> Setup.
  2. Edit scenes.yml


You can configure the available scene types. By default they are “event”, “social” and “vignette”. This helps categorize logs on the Web Portal.


You can configure the color that is used in OOC asides. You can use multiple color codes. For example: %xh%xc


The game will periodically clear scene sets and scenes from empty rooms.

There is a cron job to control when this happens. See the Cron Job Tutorial for help if you want to change this.

Note: Scenes in temp rooms will remain open as long as there are characters still in the room - even if they’re logged off. Scenes in grid rooms will stop after everyone logs off.


When you complete a scene and share the log, the default behavior is to compress all the poses together into a single narrative, like you’d find in a book. You can alternately include a separator line between poses to make it more clear which pargarphs went together in a single pose. This separator can be styled with custom CSS using the ‘pose-divider’ class.


Scenes in grid rooms are automatically closed when there’s nobody left in the room. Scenes in temp rooms (including scenes played solely on the web portal) are closed after this many days without activity.


There’s also another cron job to periodically delete scenes that have been completed but not shared. It also warns people about unshared scenes that are going to be deleted soon. You can turn this feature on and off by setting delete_unshared_scenes to true or false.

If it’s set to true, there are a few other things you can configure:


See the Cron Job Tutorial for help if you want to change this.

unshared_scene_deletion_days and unshared_scene_warning_days

You can configure how long to wait before deleting unshared scenes. For example:

unshared_scene_deletion_days: 20
unshared_scene_warning_days: 13

Whenever the unshared scene cron job runs, it will warn participants in unshared scenes that were completed more than 13 days ago. It will delete unshared scenes that were completed more than 20 days ago - effectively giving a 7-day grace period after the warning.